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New Jersey Black Issues Convention

July 18, 2010

The South Jersey Black Political Caucus hosted the ‘South Jersey Action Forum on Strengthening Families, Building Communities’ event at the Second Baptist Church in Pedricktown, NJ. The event focused on state policy and programs which impact housing, economic development, energy conservation, and education. During the event Dr. Campbell reminded the panel and audience of two major solutions to the challenges that impact families and the education of historically underserved children.
First, it is important that the husband and wife learn to operate as a team to implement agreed upon goals that will impact their families and their economic development. Second, Dr. Campbell reminded the panel that Asian and White students have a history of outperforming historically underserved students. Additionally the high number of historically underserved students in special education is a result of teachers who lack the understanding of cultural classroom behavior of historically underserved students. To overcome both of these challenges teachers will need professional development on cultural classroom behavior that does not allow the teacher to become defensive and therefore deny that they have challenges with the differences in the students’ culture.


Conquering Racial Profiling in Our Local Communities

July 15, 2010

Teamwork between police personnel is the key to conquering racial profiling in our local communities.

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