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Musical Spectacular with Minister Henry Hall

June 22, 2010


2008 Stella Award Nominee Minister Henry Hall talked about how the songs on his album were a result prayer and the scriptures that impacted his life. Minister Hall is only one of three independent artists that have been nominated for a Stella Award. He talked about how he mentored seven young boys who were without fathers in the home. His desires include producing another project as well as operating an education program for children in need of social and academic assistance. We also heard music from his latest album – It’s Harvest Time. Listen to the entire show @


Gloucester County NAACP Golf Tournament

June 21, 2010


Teamwork is the key to the success of any organization. I had the pleasure of participating in the first annual Gloucester County NAACP Golf Tournament. As a result of teamwork, the team that I was assigned to won first place.

Crisis with the New Jersey Alternative High School Assessment

June 15, 2010
Crisis with the New Jersey Alternative High School Assessment

Mr. James Harris – President of the New Jersey NAACP, and Mrs. Adrienne Sanders – Chairperson of the New Jersey NAACP Education Committee spoke about the new educational challenges that the New Jersey community is facing as a result of the newly mandated alternative high school assessment process. Both NAACP officers offered valuable recommendations for the New Jersey Department of Education that will benefit students, parents, and the community at large. Listen or view to the entire show on

Improving Organizational Effectiveness in Turbulent Times

June 9, 2010